Universe of Chaos 1.2

there are now 25 levels on Universe of Chaos, featuring the village, where you spend coins on soldiers. look out for more updates, because this game is quickly expanding!

Merch sale!

oatcake.club masks are available now on Redbubble! just click on the link on the Merch page and on the link and you can buy masks! they are £11.75 and can be washed and used again.

Universe of Chaos 1.1

there are now 20 levels on Universe of Chaos (there were 15 before) featuring coins and a checkpoints! but this is only the first update, months time there will be many more levels! i have fixed some bugs and glitches aswell.

Universe of Chaos

Universe of Chaos is a run and jump platform game i coded on scratch. i have spent a long time coding, drawing, and play-testing this video game, i hope you enjoy playing it and i will add updates soon!

The Mountain of Light

this is a bonus story in the island of light series called the Mountain of Light! it is set on the island of light, although you are not the king. instead, you are a swordsman who is fed up with just using a sword, he wants to be able to use magic as well…

Lost adventure

here is a new video game which i made where you have to battle monsters. click on the people in your clan to hit the monster. then, when you have destroyed the normal monsters, fight bosses to level up and get better!