Too Real Words Introduction

Too Real Words is a fun quiz that uses numbers to represent letters. in this post i will show you how to solve a Too Real Words problem. the first thing to note is that there will be three problems in each post- beginner, intermediate and expert. here are the rules that you need to know for the beginner level.


In Too Real Words, there are strings of numbers with lines below them. Each string is a Real Word. Here is an example:

We know that 1 must be either a or i because it is a real word on its own. if we go in alphabetical order then we will find out that a would not be possible here because the a must go in between an s and a d, and you can take a few minutes to work out that a_sad_ cannot be a real word. so instead we look at i. placing this letter in between s and d would be good, because that makes sid which can be used in many words. the sheet now looks like this:

Now look at the second string. the possible letters that 2 could be are f and n (this is an easy puzzle, i wouldn’t put abbreviations in it, if you were thinking q) if it was f, you would have to have ifsid on string three, so it wouldn’t work. you could have n because you you could spell inside on the third string, making the 5 an e. here is what the completed puzzle would look like:

Some puzzles will have multiple answers, and this is OK.


In Intermediate there are words that link others together. here is an example: (see if you can work it out, answers in the next post)

“Greek Gods” is a clue to help you out. clues won’t be in every puzzle, but some will have them.

Sometimes, there may be vowel clues that will be shown on the right of the puzzle – a list of numbers that are vowels. again, not every puzzle will have these. you can still have vowels that aren’t on the vowel list.


Things get more complicated in expert. first of all, clues sometimes contain real words too, so you will have to figure them out! second of all, most puzzles don’t give you starting letters. finally, as well as vowel clues, you can have consonant clues.

Now you have learnt how to do the puzzles, check out some Too Real Words puzzles for you to have a go at by searching for the tag like this: bye for now!