Mekorama – The Plane

Mekorama is a simple, fun game where you have to get to the end block whilst getting stars on the way.
After playing the game myself, I made some levels using the level editor. I will post my best levels so everyone can play them.

Universe of Chaos 3

You can now play Universe of Chaos on mobile! Universe of Chaos also lets you use skip codes which let you skip to a level, so you you can save your progress. i hope you enjoy Universe of Chaos 3, i have spent a long time on it! please heart and favourite it if you liked it.

Universe of Chaos 2.1

Universe of Chaos is updated again! you can now use WASD and space as well as arrow keys, and it has a start screen as well as music. hope you enjoy it! make sure to favourite and heart the project it so i know you liked the game. next update i will allow you to be able to play on phone.

The Blade of the Temple 3

The last book in the series, The Blade of the Temple 3! the complete collection is also out so if you haven’t read the others or want to reread all of the books together, then you can. The Complete collection has extra illustrations, so you may want to look through it anyway.