Manga from Moose 6!

Here is the latest Manga from Moose. Enjoy! Name: Jonathan Age: 37 Skills: Teaching, history and writing. Jonathan is a teacher at Quentin Primary school who specialises in the ancient Greeks. He teaches history to children aged seven to eleven. He enjoys going on walks with his son Bill and his wife Linda. His favourite […]

Emotion Creator

Hi! I have made a game for you where you make expressions by pressing the blue arrows. If you want to experiment with different expressions, click free. If you want to be a bit more competitive, and see how many you can do in 100 seconds, click timed. Have fun!

Manga from Moose 5!

Name: Lucy Age: 16 Skills: The clarinet, gymnastics and yoga Lucy is an imaginative girl who always has a smile on her face. She loves to play the clarinet and her favourite subjects are French and Spanish. She also enjoys gymnastics and yoga with her two younger sisters, Lily and Daisy. In her spare time […]

Manga from Moose 4!

Happy new year! Name: David Age: 9 Skills: swimming and cycling David is a friendly boy who loves sports. His new years resolution is to take a break from sports and spend time with his family. David has two little sisters, Maggie and Lucy, who are both 2 years younger than him and he sometimes […]