Universe of Chaos 3

You can now play Universe of Chaos on mobile! Universe of Chaos also lets you use skip codes which let you skip to a level, so you you can save your progress. i hope you enjoy Universe of Chaos 3, i have spent a long time on it! please heart and favourite it if you liked it.

Emotion Creator

Hi! I have made a game for you where you make expressions by pressing the blue arrows. If you want to experiment with different expressions, click free. If you want to be a bit more competitive, and see how many you can do in 100 seconds, click timed. Have fun!

Universe of Chaos 2.1

Universe of Chaos is updated again! you can now use WASD and space as well as arrow keys, and it has a start screen as well as music. hope you enjoy it! make sure to favourite and heart the project it so i know you liked the game. next update i will allow you to be able to play on phone.

Rock Aliens 3

Rock Aliens is back again, and it is the biggest update i have made so far! this time i have added two new minigames, information on what keys you need for the minigame (otherwise it gets confusing) and a custom mode that lets you choose what minigame you play. the game is also available on […]