The Blade of the Temple- Prologue

i have been working on a new story- The Blade of the Temple! it isn’t a cyoa (choose your own adventure), so you do not make your own decisions. the book will be out next Sunday, but here is the prologue to let you into the plot line…

“What is that I see?” asked a guard.

“It appears to be an army!”

“What? The world is in peace! The monsters are extinct! how could they return?”

“I don’t know, the beasts were last seen three hundred years ago!”

“I think…”

A small, blood stained arrow flew across the room and sank deep into one of the soldier’s shoulders.

“No! don’t do this to me! Please spare my life!”

The other died the same way.

Charging in were the ancient monsters, some centuries old, and this was their chance to wreak havoc across the world. How could this small village be saved?

Our hero, Jasmine, will find a way!