The Mountain of Light

first of all, happy mother’s day to any mother who’s reading this.

this is a bonus story in the island of light series called the Mountain of Light! it is set on the island of light, although you are not the king. instead, you are a swordsman who is fed up with just using a sword, he wants to be able to use magic as well…

The document has the rules for the adventure, but to make it easier for you i have written them here for you. underneath the rules you will find the link to the cyoa adventure. good luck…



To battle, you first need to find out what your Attack is and how much health you start off with. Here is a table showing how much Attack and health you have just after the start:

Mage typeAttackStarting HealthDescription
Pyromancer510Good at attack
Hydromancer320Lots of health

At the beginning of a battle, you must decide who will go first. This will be decided by whoever has more health.

On each round, you will need to calculate your hit score by rolling a six-sided die and subtract it from your Attack. If your hit score is -2 or under, you swing and miss. Because you are off balance, if, on the next turn, the monster that you are battling does damage, it will deal 1 more damage than usual. If you get -1, the monster you are batting blocks your blow. If you get a 0, then you wound the monster. Deal the monster 1 damage. If you get a 1, then you injure the monster. Deal the monster 2 damage. If you get a 2 or more, you hit. Deal the monster damage equal to your Attack.

Once your turn is over, then it is the monster’s turn. Use the same method, but using the monster’s Attack score. The monster’s attack and health will be shown on the page.


Some spell you can cast once in battle (battle spells), some spells you can cast whenever it says that you can (option spells), and some you can cast at the start of a battle if it gives the option, and they are limited (start spells, you start with 1 of them)

Here is a table of the spells that you can have, which shows what type they are, what type of mage uses that spell, what the spell is good at and a description of what the spell does.

Spell nameSpell typeWhat it doesSpells userSpell strengths
FireballBattleDeals and extra 2 damage.pyromancer+2 damage when used at a fire enemy
ReviveOptionSummons skeletons under your commandnecromancerWeakening all enemies
WaveStartSends a huge wave flying at an enemyhydromancerKilling fire enemies
HeatOptionHeats up the area near you.pyromancerKeeps you warm
UnfreezeOptionUnfreezes stationary objectshydromancerUnfreezing water and other objects from ice
CatchOptionCan catch you if you trip or fallhydromancerStops you from losing fall damage
BurnStartBurns anything that it touchespyromancerKilling ice enemies
Black swirlStartMakes a swirl of darkness haunt your enemiesnecromancerQuickly killing most enemies

As you can see, the necromancer has fewer spells, but this is not a disadvantage because the spells that the necromancer possesses are very useful. You can start your adventure down the mountain now…

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